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The Best Launches from CES 2018

Jan 17, 2018
Chris Skitch
CES 2018, or the Consumer Electronics Show to those not in the know, showcased everything from the weird to the wonderful at this years event. 

From the downright strange, like Netflix’s bizarre promotion of its new cyberpunk show Altered Carbon, to LG’s mesmerising OLED Canyon display, the consumer giants did not disappoint. Now that the dust has settled (and the rains have lifted!) we’re looking past the power cuts to recap our top five gadgets from the event.

If you’re a bit lazy…

…Then you’ll love Laundriod. This is a $16,000, AI-powered, laundry-folding machine. Though it was first debuted by Seven Dreamers at CES 2017, this new, refreshed model benefits from a new mirrored design which is subtle and sleek, looking like a cross between a fridge and a wardrobe.

Though we know many people would argue that there is no sense in paying $16,000 for a robot to do a job that your arms do for free, the tech inside it is actually pretty cool too. The AI inside the machine alongside its companion app helps recognise items belonging to individual users, which could be a valuable time saver in the long run.

Not your average wardrobe - the $16,000 Laundroid

Not your average wardrobe – the $16,000 Laundroid

If you like your tech to double as wall art…

…Why not invest in BeoSound Shape? These sleek speakers from music whizzes Bang & Olfsen will appeal to both audiophiles and those who are seeking new wall art for their crib. The versatile modules can be customised into a bespoke custom shape which makes a stunning feature piece for any home. This is as well as delivering the best in class sound quality that Bang & Olfsen are known for.

Stylish, swoon-worthy sound - The BeoSound Shape

Stylish, swoon-worthy sound – The BeoSound Shape

If you’re in need of a new TV…

…You’ll be spoilt for choice. CES always delivers a plethora of new TV’s for the most discerning of users. One of the many stand out products was Samsung’s The Wall. Using modular MicroLED technology, The Wall boasts a 146-inch display, which was truly awe-inspiring.

Samsung's The Wall - 146 inches of TV

Samsung’s The Wall – 146 inches of TV

If you live in no-pet accommodation…

…Then this AI pup is for you! Sony Aibo is a puppy that your landlord won’t be able to kick you out for owning! A reboot of the popular robot dog that shot to fame in the 90s & early 00s, this adorable puppy made a return to CES 2018. The robot now comes complete with more AI and more sensors. This means a perk of this pup is that you can train it, and depending how good your skills are, then this informs how quick the pooch responds to your commands.

Blast from the past - Sony launch a new Aibo robot dog

Blast from the past – Sony launch a new Aibo robot dog

If you want your whole house to be smart…

…Then why not introduce the Kohler Konnect to your house. A line of smart bathroom appliances, Kohler Konnect debuted two new smart toilets at CES. Our favourite is the Numi. Long gone are the days when you dread waking in the night to use the bathroom, with goosebumps in unspeakable places because of the cold porcelain. Not anymore! The Numi is equipped with a sensor that knows you’re approaching and heats your seat and has a foot warmer. Even more luxury is provided with the addition of a bidet, ambient lighting & the ability to play music.

The Numi from Kohler Konnect

The Numi from Kohler Konnect – warming your feet whilst you wee!

Did you see any standout gadgets at CES that we missed? Let us know!