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CyberSalon Meetup

Jul 05, 2013
Wayne Freeman


CyberSalon is a monthly “think tank” event on Net Culture organised by the charismatic founder of the worlds first Internet Cafe’s – Eva Pascoe.

Martin and Chris recently attended their “Meaningful Interaction” event focusing on how Interactivity and Storytelling can be mixed together without compromising one another. The event was also a tribute to Andy Cameron, co-founder of counterculture art collective Antirom, who sadly passed away last year.

The talk centered very much around how Andy contributed to the concept of Interactivity and Storytelling, and how the concept of these techniques meshed together originated.

I thought that there was an abundance of history relayed via this talk, and it gave me insight as to how the mediums of interactivity and storytelling could otherwise be viewed as. Unfortunately, I felt that the talk suffered greatly due to it’s nature as a tribute. Much of the content centered around Andy and his work, which was effectively solely within advertising.

I feel that Interactivity and Storytelling apply to much more that the advertising industry; especially within video games, where the 2 mediums have become a relative hot-topic of late with the advent of cinematic centric campaigns in many triple A IPs.

My largest concern, however, was the definition of what Interactivity and Storytelling was in the context of the session. At no point was there a definition given, and I feel that the talks themselves could have been more focussed and effective at relaying a message if they knew exactly what they were talking about. Otherwise, an interesting subject with an interesting insight into how the mediums are viewed from other perspectives.