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Didgeroo Builds with Buddypress

Oct 31, 2012
Wayne Freeman

Didgeroo recently collaborated with London-based design studio To The Point to rebuild IPRN.com, a website designed for a PR agency network.

To The Point created a site design with a simple, yet professional interface.

Didgeroo, built the site using the BuddyPress – an open source extension of the WordPress that enables a range of social networking features.

IPRN is the world’s largest independent PR agency network. Their existing website had a number of issues including

  • Outdated style
  • Complex, unintuitive members section

To The Point was put in charge of designing the website, and subsequently designed a modern aesthetic for the aging website.


Didgeroo, being in charge of the technical aspects, decided that the best course would be to implement a mini social network within the website, with external integration with existing social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook.

As such, the website was completely redesigned and created with the WordPress CMS Framework, with the Buddypress extension was implemented to develop a customised social network.

Buddypress enabled us to include the following features, which are only accessible by members:

  • A membership directory
  • Profile management
  • The ability to link together an IPRN and Twitter account, which will activate a Twitter widget on the member profile page
  • The ability to link together an IPRN account and your website, if an RSS feed has been enabled. This feed is posted to the Buddypress activity feed, which is viewable only by other members.
  • The ability to post status updates viewable by other members.
  • The sending of private and public messages between members
  • A document repository, whereby members of a group can view and download uploaded and shared documents.
  • The ability to submit articles/posts for approval before becoming publicly viewable.
  • Automatic public profile generation.

The ability to create individual articles or post, under the category of “case studies”, is a feature reserved for members. A member has the ability to create a case study to be displayed publicly, and then submit it for authorisation. This allows for quality control of information and allow IPRN.com to remain professional in both appearance and functionality. The posts are created in a very simple and easy to use text editor that allows the use of images. The entire setup is very intuitive.


Each member of the website also generates a public profile. Visitors to the website have the option to search through members upon the criteria of the country of operation or industry specialisation. This was achieved via a mix of 2 drop-down filters, and an interactive map, with highlighted countries linking to a respective filtered page based upon the country selected.


IPRN.com stands today as a mark of Didgeroos technological expertise, and is viewable in its public form here: www.iprn.com