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Didgeroo’s New Website

Jun 27, 2014
Wayne Freeman

If you haven’t noticed already, there is something different about the Didgeroo website. That’s right we’ve had a makeover! With the help of WordPress we have created a new, responsive and stylish website for all of you to enjoy.

Some of the new features on the website include:


  • A fully responsive single page layout that looks gorgeous whether you are using a desktop, tablet or smartphone.


  • A new home screen video courtesy of Johann Malawana. Johann is a local Shoreditch photographer. We found his time-lapse of the Old Street roundabout on YouTube, and with his permission we are now using it as a looped HTML5 background Video that’s hosted using an Amazon S3 CDN bucket.



  • A brand new logo deigned by none other than our Director and Founder, Chris Skitch.  We hope you’ll go hopping mad for it!



  • New interactive profiles showcasing a selection of our latest work.
  • And so much more for you to enjoy!

Have and explore around the new site and be sure to leave some feedback below (and on other posts too!).

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