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Feb 02, 2016
Chris Skitch


Didgeroo and SO Creative partnered together to refresh and rebuild a new website for Simon Dickinson – a Private Treaty Specialists and Fine Art Dealers who specialises in privately and discreetly handling rare Old Masters masterpieces.

Features include:

  • A mobile-first design approach, design for 320px viewport then progressively enhancing as the viewport increases.
  • 100% fluid width layouts instead of standard fixed breakpoints. Full-bleed images fill the entire viewport regardless of screen screen size
  • No separate mobile and desktop navigation. Instead a single elegant and effective navigation pattern is used regardless of viewport. A similar pattern is used on the left side the portfolio page
  • Lightweight and very considered CCS3 animation effects.
Project Details
  • Client: So Creative
  • Services:  Consultation, Build, Hosting & Support
  • Technologies: Wordpress, HTML5/CSS3, Javascript, RWD
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