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GDPR – What, Where, When, Why?

Mar 27, 2018
Chris Skitch

GDPR is just around the corner. If you’ve tried to find out more about the new regulations but have found yourself drowning in policies and procedures, don’t fret – Didgeroo are here to give you all the bitesize info about the new data regulations, and how to begin to prepare for their arrival.

GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulation. It is the biggest change to how companies can use your data in 20 years.

Tell me more…

The core idea is that users need to be in control of what data companies collect from them, and how they use it. Companies are more culpable than ever to prove why they collect data, provide information on how they collect data and they need to be ready to delete it if the user asks. This is likely to even be more important for users in the light of the recent Facebook data scandal.

WHEN does it come into effect? 

GDPR will be implemented in every EU country on 25th May 2018, and there won’t be a further grace period after this point. If you operate in the UK, despite Brexit, you need to comply with these new regulations for the foreseeable future.

WHY should I comply?

This new ruling is strict and failure to comply could result in up to a €20 million fine, or 4% of your annual turnover, whichever is the greater amount.

WHERE on my website do I need to comply?

Though there is not one main place you can say for sure will make you comply with GDPR – the likely places you will need to review on your site are as follows:

  • Any contact forms or invitations to join mailing lists
  • Your privacy policy
  • Your methods of collecting, storing and deleting data
  • Your cookie policy
  • The methods of consent you use when collecting data
HOW do I get my website ready for GDPR? 

There’s no one catch-all change you can make to get ready for GDPR. We would recommend taking our audit quiz ‘How ready is your website for GDPR?‘ to see where you could improve your data practices. Following that, why not get in touch with Didgeroo who can provide more tips & advice on what sections of your site may need to be altered. Contact us here!

After all that, you may be ready to delve into the world of GDPR a bit deeper.  Follow the links below for more reading on GDPR:

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