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MacDonalds, Google and breastfeeding

Jul 11, 2014
Wayne Freeman

What does MacDonalds, Google and breastfeeding have in common? Not much you say? Well Oliver Reichenstein over at Smashing Magazine suggests that in the context of User Experience (UX) and Brand Design, they have a lot in common.

Lets start with the basics, what is UX? UX is described as the reaction a person will have when using a product (or app or website).


In the case of McDonalds, as the above wireframe demonstrates, careful thought given to the customer UX so that when you enter a store (drunk) at 3am your brain is not required to make a purchasing decision. The process from entering the door to putting a tasty burger in your mouth is designed to require  as little interaction as possible.



All the elements of the McDonldas interaction model, from the tiles on the floors, to the staff uniforms, to the wrapper on the cheeseburger, not only form the UX, but also create the brand.  This is also the case with Google.  The search UX = the Google brand.


So how does this tie into breastfeeding? To a baby, brand “mumma” is far more than a than a nipple interface.  It is instead the mother-baby interaction as a whole.

When completing any of these three tasks your brain switches to auto pilot mode and you don’t have to put much thought process in to your actions.  And these actions, if streamlined and integrated correctly, form a close bond with your brand to such an extent the UX is your brand.

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