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Mar 20, 2016
Chris Skitch


KP is a well known British household brand of salted nuts.

Didgeroo teamed up with the creative agency To The Point to redesign KP Nuts website.

The most eye catching feature of this website along with the artistic and vibrant colour scheme is the slider containing KP’s products. It automatically moves to the left in a constant loop showcasing all of KP’s products.

Importantly, the brief for this project included a requirement for to be able to re-use template elements on other brand websites wonder by KP Snacks (the parent company of KP Nuts). Therefore we built the new site using a WordPress Network. We created a bespoke WordPress theme with a range of theme options so that the site could easily be repurposed for other products.

Other standout features include:

  • Modular elements allowing new pages to be easily created using existing template elements.
  • A product post type and taxonomy for creating and grouping the KP Nuts product ranges.
  • A search function, which gives the user the ability to search products
  • A mobile-first design approach, design for 320px viewport then progressively enhancing as the viewport increases.
  • We use a series of fixed width breakpoints.
  • Separate mobile and desktop navigation. Desktop versions use a top header menu where as the mobile version uses a burger menu.
  • Lightweight and very considered CCS3 animation effects.

Since the launch, it has been getting thousands of viewers due to the shear popularity of the brand.


Project Details
  • Client:  To The Point
  • Services:  Consultation, Build, Hosting & Support
  • Technologies: Wordpress Network, HTML5/CSS3, Javascript, RWD
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