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Refactoring a Brand Agency for Bootstrap

Jul 07, 2015
Chris Skitch



All WordPress sites are not built the same. That’s why I-AM came to us to fix their website.

I-AM is as a multi-discipline design agency and brand experience consultancy who are creating exciting new brands. Their clients are big companies as Avea, Mini, Armani, Diesel and many others. I-AM London is one of four studios, others are based in Istanbul, Mumbai and Dubai. So one sunny day our neighbour came to us and asked to tidy their current website.

Most of the issues with the existing I-AM site related to responsiveness. The website simply did not look right on various devices such as an Apple iPad. We discovered the previous developer had not used a responsive front-end framework.  Without a framework like this it quickly because a never ending task trying to make the site work well across all screen sizes.

The solution – a complete rebuild of the website front-end using the Bootstrap RWD Framework.

Other features include:

  • A mobile-first design approach, design for 320px viewport then progressively enhancing as the viewport increases.
  • Fixed-width break points instead of standard fixed breakpoints.
  • A Masonry JS grid
Project Details
  • Client:  I-AM Online London
  • Services:  Consultation, Re-Build, Hosting & Support
  • Technologies: Wordpress, HTML5/CSS3, Javascript, RWD
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