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RIP Port 80 – Get your free SSL certificate

Feb 21, 2017
Chris Skitch
Have you recently noticed the “Not Secure” badge in your Web Browser?

Well you will be seeing it more frequently in the near future and if you don’t won’t to concern visitors to your website or a decrease in website traffic then you need to act now.

A few weeks ago Google launched version 56 of their Chrome web browser that includes a new security feature. Now whenever you visit a webpage that requests a password or credit card number and it is not protected by SSL encryption, you will see the Not Secure badge automatillcay appear in the address bar.

In an upcoming release, Chrome will label all non-encrypted websites as “Not secure” regardless of the content of the page.

This impact of this is two-fold:

  1. Your website visitors will be concerned when they see the Not Secure badge
  2. Google search ranks secure websites over non-encrypted website. As your competitors encrypt their website your SEO ranking will likely decline.
What is SSL?

By default, all data sent between a web-server and your web-browser is not encrypted. This means, if intercepted, then your data can be easily read by unauthorised third-parites. For example, entering a password to log into a WordPress website could be intercepted by a hacker.

SSL is a security layer that ensures end-to-end encryption of all data sent between a web-server and your web-browser. When enabled, the transfer protocol switches from HTTP or port 80 to HTTPS over port 443.

The legacy of unencrypted HTTP data over port 80 has haunted us for too long. Googles initiative to put an end to this is, in our opinion, a wise move. RIP Port 80!

What can I do?

Here at Didgeroo, the security of your WordPress sites is of upmost importance to us.

For e-commerce websites, Didgeroo recommends a commercial SSL certificate. We can currently supply the following:

  • 3-yr DV Domain SSL Certificate by GlobalSign – £250
  • 2-yr EV Extended SSL Certificate by GlobalSign – £650

For all other websites hosted by Didgeroo, we can supply a free auto-renewing Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate for a one-off installation fee of £150 per website.

Please get in touch with us today to arrange a SSL certificate for your website.