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Shoreditch Street Art – A Walkthrough Our Colourful Neighbourhood

Jun 20, 2019
Chris Skitch

In Shoreditch, street art is all around you. From street walls to abandoned trains, artists have used the city to their advantage, and created colourful and creative murals of paint everywhere! In fact, the area is arguably the capital of street art everywhere. Even though the amount of artwork is endless, here are some of our favourites.


Great Eastern Street

This is probably my favourite bit of street art in Shoreditch. Mainly because of how bizarre it is. You have buildings painted in colour and random faces painted on different bits, and then on top of that (literally) are painted abandoned trains! It’s just such a surreal image compared to everything else on the plain street. The two graffiti covered tube trains are perched on containers on top of a building that’s captioned: ‘Lets Adore And Endure Each Other.’

Location : 1-8 Fairchild Pl, Hackney, London EC2A 3EN

King John Court

I like Connectivity Matters, by Italian street artists Hunto and Mister Thoms, because it is a cool, abstract design of faces. It is a very unique design, and again strands out against its surroundings. I personally think that the colours and style of drawing is quite retro and fun, it lights up the street and building.

Location : 6 Holywell Ln, Hackney, London EC2A 3ET

Ebor Street

This piece is by Ben Eine, a typography artist who paints messages in funky fonts onto the walls of London. He paints messages with opposite meanings onto walls opposite each other, for example, in this picture his artwork is captioned ‘Peace is Possible’ whereas the wall opposite is captioned ‘Extortionists’.


Eine shows that the two are complete opposites by having one font curvy and flowing, and the other one rigid and straight. One’s colours are random and bright, whereas the others is a strict colour scheme.

Location : 10 Redchurch St, Hackney, London E2 7DD

Rivington Street

This street is absolutely filled up with all types of graffiti. Now protected and shielded, this original Banksy is located in the yard of the Cargo Club. Anonymous artist, Banksy, created this work (unofficially) designating a space for graffiti art. There are many other Banksy’s to look out for in London, let alone Shoreditch, you just have to look closer!

Location : 81-95 Rivington St, Hackney, London

Rivington Street

Again, on Rivington Street, is a renowned artist’s mural. The artist, Stik, is a graffiti artist who is known for drawing stick figures all around the streets of London. You will be able to spot his works, as there are so many of them in plain sight, just keep your eyes peeled!

Location :

Christiaan Nagel’s Mushrooms

An artist called Christiaan Nagel places mushrooms on the roofs of buildings all over London. They’re made of polyurethane foam. I love this work so much, it’s the most random thing I’ve heard of. Just placing all over the city. When you’re out and about in London, it will be easy to spot these, just look up.

Location : 10-4 Chance St, Shoreditch, London E1 6JT


New Inn Yard

Actually, this is my favourite piece of art in Shoreditch. The artist, Cartooneros, has a great, retro style of art, almost Andy Warhol like. They paint colourful murals of pop culture all over London, here for instance, is Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain, and Yoda.

Location : The Theatre Courtyard, 86-90 Curtain Rd, Hackney, London EC2A 3AA


Holywell Lane

This is a cool side street, and literally every wall in this area is filled to the brim with graffiti. The street art here is temporary, as the walls are painted, then whitewashed, then painted, then whitewashed, and the cycle continues. This temporary nature is part of the appeal of all street art, but it is sad to never be able to see these pieces again. If you walk the same route down this road every month, each time there will be completely different art.

Location : 6 Holywell Ln, Hackney, London EC2A 3ET


Blackall Street

This small side street has graffiti and stickers overlapping each other. It’s cool art, only it’s all so small that you have to look carefully for the intricate designs and artwork everywhere.

Location :


Rivington Street

Again, on this street, there is so much art. Here we have a David Eine piece that reads ‘Last Days of Shoreditch’, and next to it is a cut out Banksy that has only recently been revealed.

Location :