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Snow Leopard changes to Color Profiles

Aug 30, 2009
Wayne Freeman

gamma big
Did you notice many differences after upgrading to your Mac to Snow Leopard?

One change I instantly noticed was how vivid the screen colours are now. They appear more saturated. After some googling I discovered that Snow Leopard’s default colour profile has changed from 1.8 to 2.2. You can see the difference here:


gamma small

Gamma 2.2 is considered industry standard so I think this is a good more. You can read more about gamma correction in this interesting Wikipedia article.

Quicktime X Pro

Another noticeable change to Snow Leopard is Quicktime X. The new version features a very clever seemless window that looks great! However it lacks many of the features I had come to rely upon. Basically all the export options have been dumbed down! Great for many home users but a disaster for any video professionals.

Well fear not, the answer is simple. You can still use Quicktime 7 Pro. In fact it’s already installed. Take a look in the Utilities folder under Applications.

Overall I am very happy with the upgrade. Good work Apple!