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Video: The Barbican’s Digital Revolution exhibition

Jul 31, 2014
Wayne Freeman

Last Friday we visited Digital Revolution at the Barbican and was transported into a techie world. The exhibition is split in to three sections, and each section included different technologies that you can explore.

Stage 1 – Old meets new digital realm

When you first enter you are transferred in to a historic technology gallery and a sense of nostalgia washes over you, everything from Pacman machines to speck and spell machines congregate in to one room all for your pleasure. What’s even more amazing is the art and digital technology infusion, this is show cased through the almost futuristic pieces laid out for you enjoy.


Stage 2 – Gamers paradise

This caged area allows you to test the games of time. From The Nintendo Entertainment System to the Playstation 3 it’s all for your entertainment.


Stage 3 – Laser tag

This section might just be one of my favourites, we were told to walk down a pitch black hallway and then bam! A beam of light appears and then we were enclosed by fluorescent lights and it was beautiful, the room lit up with different fluorescent colours that you were able to control.



Overall it was a great experience and what suggest that everybody should view it. The only downside is that on a busy day, you can end up waiting 10 minutes or more to try out the interactive pieces so this might not be the place to take children.

I give it 4/5.