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Mar 01, 2013
Wayne Freeman

In the wake of recent security concerns, Didgeroo is now offering a fully managed secure WordPress hosting service running on our High Availability Clustered servers.

This service scans, updates and backs up your website so that you can have peace of mind while getting on with your core business.


Your website will be scanned on a daily basis, comparing all files and alerting Didgeroo whenever there is a change. In addition to file changes, the scan also checks over 44,000 know malware, trojan, virus, backdoor, dangerous URL or known vulnerabilities.


We have set up a centralised dashboard to monitor all WordPress installations and notify us whenever there is a core or plugin update available. The dashboard also allows us to easily roll-out updates across multiple sites.

Updating sometimes goes wrong. Unfortunately things can break. Didgeroo performs thorough checks on every website after each update. Should something go wrong, then the update can be instantly rolled back and the problem investigated.

Didgeroo runs a secure backup system for it’s hosted websites. Nightly backups are archived on a monthly basis. These archives are kept for 2 years, allowing us to do comprehensive investigation should a site have been compromised months in advance of it being detected.


If you are an online business, then sales will likely cease if your website is hacked. Even if your website is not your core business, potential clients will likely look elsewhere if they see your website has been defaced.

Didgeroo Managed Secure Hosting takes care of these worries for you. Please contact us if you are interested in this service.