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“You won’t believe what happens next!”

Sep 03, 2014
Wayne Freeman

You just got pwned , it’s annoying right? The culprit behind it all is… clickbait.

What’s clickbait you ask? It’s an eye-catching link or heading on a website which encourages people to click.

What makes clickbait especially annoying is that the headline is rarely an accurate representation of the actual article, worse still there often no article appears when clicked and instead you are redirected to a spam site!

We see clickbait everywhere from Facebook timeline’s, “20 Tips to loose weight – #16 is the best!” to news articles in the Daily Mail, “Could you spend £280,000 a week”!  It’s getting out of hand, there’s even a clickbait headline generator!

So how do we stop this menace to society? Facebook recently reported they are cracking down on clickbait, but perhaps the best advice is from prominent political activist  Sally Kohn – don’t click!