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Feb 01, 2012
Wayne Freeman

Wigwam recently approached Didgeroo seeking a new Web and Email hosting solution.

After investigating a number of options, including Microsoft Exchange and Google Apps, we decided to build a Zimbra Open Source solution.

This solution included hosting on one of Didgeroo’s high-speed dedicated servers which allowed for plenty of capacity to host the website – http://www.wigwamprods.com/

Zimbra was decided over MS Exchange and Google Apps for one main reason – the ability to quickly and easily scale the number of accounts without having to purchases additional licenses.

Like MS Exchange and Google Apps, Zimbra provides many additional benefits including:

  • Fully featured web client (see screen shot below)
  • Mobile client
  • iOS and Blackberry sync
  • Anti-virus and spam protection
  • File storage
  • Backup

Contact Didgeroo today if you are interested in a similar solution.