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2018 Digital Trends

Dec 19, 2017
Chris Skitch

As we near the end of the year, we at Didgeroo have been gazing into our crystal ball to see what lies ahead in 2018.

Will Ultra Violet, Pantone’s colour of the year 2018, be as prominent as Millennial Pink? Will there be a new mythical creature ready to take the unicorn’s crown? Well, we’re not so sure about that but we can take a good look at what will be happening in the web design world:


1. Mobile First Designs

It’s no surprise that we view the world mostly through the screens in our hands rather than the ones on our desk. Over half of all web traffic was generated through our phones in 2017 (Statista), and this is only going to increase in 2018. We anticipate more designers thinking mobile first and developing desktop designs after.

2. Appointment Viewing Apps

2017 saw the launch of the HQ Trivia app, an app which has a daily viewership of 600,000 people. The concept is simple – a live trivia contest twice a day. 12 questions in each round and cash prizes for the people who get all the answers correct. This concept of a mash up between tune-in tv/addictive gameplay/ winning money from your armchair could see hundreds of copy cat apps popping up in the next year, which could change the way we interact with our phones.

3. Responsive Design

Not exactly a new concept, but responsive design won’t be going anywhere in the next year. Users want flexibility in all they do on the web, and the prominence of multitasking means that browser windows will be stretched, scrunched and everything in between. The websites we build will have to be able to keep up with this acrobatic tendencies of our users.

4. Sticky Elements going Down Under

Already the home to ads and chat boxes, we are expecting to see all manner of items migrating to the bottom of our screen in 2018. Our heavy use of mobile sites where the bottom of the screen has long been the home to these elements, we’re even expecting to see nav bars take the trip down under.

5. Variable Fonts

In 2018, we will scoff at the times we had to install 16 different variants of the same font. A new partnership between some of the best in tech – Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Adobe – on the Variable Font project means that we will now be able to use a single font file which behaves like multiple fonts. This means your light type, your bold type and your italics will all be under one single file, making our build just that bit easier.