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From palace, to prison, to museum

Dec 02, 2017
Chris Skitch
Late last year, Didgeroo embarked on creating a fully responsive website for Bargello, Italy’s museum of sculptures. Our good old friends So Creative were responsible for the designs.

So Creative has been one of Didgeroo’s solid design partners’ for quite a while. They are renowned for employing the latest techniques when it comes to web designing. This is evident when you start to explore the site. This website pushes the limits of what’s possible when it comes

Here are few of the many of the standout features of this project:

  • A fully responsive website
  • Background HTML5 video loop
  • Innovative UX design
  • A responsive subnav menu – ideal for small screens because it saves space and makes the site looks clean and uncluttered.
  • 100% fluid layout with limited use of breakpoints.
  • A burger menu for responsive devices because it’s stylish and mobile friendly.
  • Lightweight and very considered CCS3 animation effects in order to keep the site lively.



  • Client:  So Creative
  • Services: Consultation, Build, Support, Hosting
  • Technologies: Wordpress, HTML5/CSS3, Javascript, RWD.
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