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Didgeroo Managed Hosting powered by WP Engine and Google Cloud

Nov 25, 2017
Chris Skitch

Inside a Google’s Data Centre’s hosting websites built by Didgeroo London.

Didgeroo takes tremendous pride in the code we craft for our valued customers and partners.

Just as an artist cares which gallery displays their work, we care which hosting provider servers your freshly built website. Which is why we recently made the decision to move our all our hosting to WP Engine.

The Future of WordPress Hosting

Didgeroo’s Managed Hosting service is best-in-class, utilising the latest tools, platforms and infrastructure to ensure your website is fast, reliable, secure and easy to support. This new stack of technology includes:

  • A state-of-the-art WordPress Platform on WP Engine’s Premium service.
  • Infrastructure using Google Cloud with our own dedicated Google Compute Engine™.


Rock Solid Infrastructure

Who knows the internet better than anyone else? Well, Google of course!

Not only does Google run the internet but it also provides the infrastructure for Didgeroo’s Managed Hosting service. At the base of our technology stack is Google Cloud, the same platform Google uses to run its own products and services.

This includes our own dedicated Google Compute Engine™. Compute Engines are high performance virtual machines that are always online thanks to global load balancing and Google’s 

worldwide fiber network connecting its data centres.  

Google Cloud is entirely carbon-neutral. In fact their global network of datacenters consume 50% less energy than the typical datacenter. So that’s great for planet earth!

Designed for WordPress Developers

WP Engine has spent years developing a platform specifically for hosting WordPress websites, alongside a set of tools that make life building WordPress sites that little bit easier for us.

WP Engine has 70,000 customers in 120 countries, and it’s clear to see why:

  • WP Engine blocks over 150 million malicious events each month
  • WP Engine sites get over two billion hits a day, and WP Engine is constantly learning, inspecting the traffic to these sites. What it learns is automatically inherited by all of its customers.
  • Sites run four to six times faster on WP Engine than on any other environment.
  • This means neither you, nor your client, ever have to wait for a site to load.
  • WP Engine has a full-time engineering staff working on developing the newest WordPress technology.
  • Tools for developers include Git version control and single button deployment scripts.


A Recipe For Success!

And of course, at the top of this technology stack, is Didgeroo. We would humbly call ourselves the most crucial layer in the Managed Hosting.

While you may consider hosting your website directly with WP Engine, having Didgeroo manage your WP Engine hosting has a wealth of advantages including:

  • Our development workflow tightly integrates with WP Engine’s tools making it the fastest way to deploy code amendments and fixes.
  • Didgeroo goes the extra step and keeps every plugin updated, alongside WP Engine automatically updating WordPress Core.
  • Our Premium account with WP Engine means your website runs on a dedicated architecture which ensures the best possible performance.