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Dec 24, 2009
Wayne Freeman

Didgeroo has just rebuilt a website for Aprios Audio Visual, a company specialised in installing audio-visual systems.

The original Aprios website was built using Adobe Flash. Although this allowed some nice animation, it also has a number of drawback including:
– Poor Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
– Limited Mobile compatibility (Flash does not run on iOS devices)
– Difficult to update and maintain

We used the Joomla Content Management System (CMS) to rebuild this site. The result is a fully W3C compliant HTML/CSS website that is easily readily by search engines. We also implemented the sh404sef extension to further improve SEO.

The The Joomla CMS is open-source, meaning that Aprios remain free to either develop and support their website by themselves, or to hire another company to do so.

The completed website can be seen here – http://www.aprios-audiovisual.com