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How to build an iTunes LP

Sep 21, 2009
Wayne Freeman

Itunes lp
iTunes LP is a 256kbps unprotected AAC album that includes digital extras.

These digital extras include photos, videos and notes.

When you download an iTunes LP it includes all the .M4A music files along with a large (potentially over 500MB) .ITLP file for the digital extras. At this stage Apple has not released a dedicated iTunes LP Development Kit. However it is still possible to create your own .ITLP beacuse it is simply a standard Web Archive containing a bunch of HTML, JS and CSS files along with the media files.

To view the contents of an .ITLP you need only to right click it and select “Show Package Contents”:


You can find more information on building an ITunes LP on Jay Robinson’s blog.

Didgeroo can also create iTunes LP. If you have an album on iTunes and you would like to turn it into an iTunes LP then contact us today.