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Breakfast and Playstations

Feb 26, 2015
Chris Skitch


So what do trendy Shoreditch hipster types (such as ourselves) do for Christmas dinner? Breakfast cereal of course!

During the festive season just past, Didgeroo decided to ditch the Xmas turkey and instead visit the latest culinary fad to take East London by storm.  A new restaurant on Brick Lane had just opened that servers nothing but breakfast cereal! And the name?… Cereal Killer (took me a while). They server not just your standard Rice Krispies and Cornflakes, but also a multitude of zany breakfast cereals from around the world.

Chris went all out and had three bowls:

  • Nutri-Grain – a personal favourite from Down Under
  • Lucky Charms –  a curious mix of cereal and marshmallow from the U.S.A.
  • Reeses Puffs – also from America, these cereal puff taste like peanut butter!

Retro Playstation

Quite randomly, on the way back to our office we stumbled across a pop-up recreation of a 90’s video game shop. It was the 20 anniversary of the Sony Playstation!

How cool is Shoreditch hey? 🙂