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Feb 06, 2015
Chris Skitch
A muliti-sector international business and manufacturing support services provider with multiple websites and brands. They recently worked with one of our design partners, Haime & Butler, to unify their branding and consolidate their web presence.

The first phase of Didgeroo involvement in this project was to work with Haime & Butler in building a responsive prototype . We iterated this prototype many times until layouts were signed off with the end client.

For the the next phase Haime & Butler completed the design visuals while Didgeroo worked on building a universal WordPress theme for use with all websites operated by the parent company.

Finally, the a WordPress Network (formerly know as WordPress Multisite) was built and, the universal theme loaded, and content populated for all sites, all via a single WordPress Dashboard.

WordPress Network is a very powerful but little used or understood feature.   It allows multiple websites (domains) to use a single WordPress install, shared files and database. Some advantages to this approach include

  • Easier to managed mulitple sites via a single login and dashboard
  • Possible to share posts between sites
  • Only one wordpress install (and plugins) to update and maintain
  • Bug fixes and new features can be rolled out to all sites simultaneously


Project Details
  • Client:  Haime & Butler
  • Services:  Consultation, Build
  • Technologies: Wordpress Network, Post broadcast with canonical metadata, HTML5/CSS3, Javascript, RWD