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Stats : Responsive Web Design Adoption

Nov 28, 2014
Wayne Freeman

As you know by now we always suggest designing website to be responsive.  The massive growth in mobile web browsing in recent years makes responsive web design essential.

A recent survey now shows that we aren’t the only ones recommending responsive design – it’s an industry wide trend that’s gaining momentum. Here’s a graph showing the increasing trend towards RWD over the last 12 months:


Perhaps one of the more surprising things to note with this survey is the adoption rate of RWD amongst the Top 100 vs the Top 10,000.  There is significantly higher percentage of the top 10,000 websites to have already migrated to RWD. Surprising because you would expect the top 100 sites to be at the top of their game, big budgets, and eager to stay in front.  But then again, look at ebay – their site is still not responsive. Maybe retrofitting RWD to these big complex websites is just going to take a wee bit longer.

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