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Build your own computer!

Oct 16, 2014
Wayne Freeman

There was once a special generation of kids back in the 80’s & 90’s that actually built their own computers! Hard to believe hey? It gave them an intimate knowledge of how these wonderful machines worked. Sadly todays younger generation are missing out on this fun and instead jumping straight into console gaming and iPads.

Well now a decidedly geeky company has done something about it an we reckon it’s ace! Kano have created a computer kit that allows non-techy people to assemble a computer, cool right?

The Kano, replicates a Raspberry Pi but comes with more equipment to help you make the computer, it includes:

  • Keyboard
  • DIY Speaker
  • Cables
  • SD card etc..

So with this, connect it to a monitor and bam you have your own computer to tinker with, play Minecraft, learn code, make music and much more.

Kano’s main objective is to teach youngsters about how computers are constructed, to learn code and to also show that computers are fun, similar to the project which hopes to help teachers teach coding to children. They want to take it back to when you had to actually know basic code to be able to work a computer, which we at Didgeroo wholeheartedly approve of.