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Digital Shoreditch Creative Tech Day

Oct 01, 2012
Wayne Freeman

At the end of summer (summer? what summer?) Didgeroo participated as an exhibitor at a day showcasing local tech companies in Shoreditch. The event was sponsored by Hackney Council to promote TechCity/Silicon Roundabout to media and business visitors to the Olympics.

We had a great day at the event and loads of interesting people. It was particularly impressive to see the number and variety of exhibitors, ranging from mobile app developers to QA services.


One of the highlights of the day was Didgeroos’ own Retro Arcade! To attract visitors to our display and simply for the fun of it, we showed off a classic Apple Macintosh Plus and an Atari 2600. The old Atari proved particularly popular and initiated a passionately fought Frogger battle. Congratulations to Matt Evans of the Solid State group for setting the highest score.


Also on the day, Chris Skitch was interviewed by Tech City Insider on a range of topics, from “What does Didgeroo do?” to “What technologies are Didgeroo most excited about?”. Listen to the full interview here: