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How to add your UK business listing to Apple Maps

Sep 21, 2012
Wayne Freeman

iOS 6 sign

Does your business rely upon customers finding you by searching Google Maps? Well that all changed yesterday with the release of IOS6.

There are over 300 million IOS devices (iPhones, iPads and iPod touches) in the world and yesterday they lost Google Maps. Unfortunately it’s replacement, Apple Maps, is severely lacking up-to-date POI’s (points of interest) and most likely your business in correctly listed, if at all.

How do I add my business to Apple Maps in IOS6? As the meerkat says “Simples” – just follow these steps:


1) Open the Apple Maps app

2) Search for your business name

3) Select the page fold in the bottom right



4) Select Report a Problem



5) Select Location is missing, then Next



6) Position the pin to the correct location, then Next



7) Enter your business deatils, don’t forget to enter the business name!



8) Make sure you select a category



9) Finaly, select Send


That’s it!

Your guess is as good as mine as to how long it will take for the new listing to show up. I will try to keep an eye on my listing and will update this post as soon as I see it’s done.

Apple Maps also uses listings from Yelp, so I reccomend setting up a Yelp business account.


UPDATE 28 September


It’s been 7 days now since I followed the procedure above and guess what? NOTHING!!!

In the mean time I have come across another possible option, adding you business to Tom Tom Places. – I did this yesterday. Didgeroo is now showing up in Tom Tom Places but still nothing on Apple Maps.

Please Apple, don’t just say sorry, let us know what’s going on? What are you doing to fix this? What is the process? How long does it take? We need transparency!


UPDATE 31 October


SUCCESS…. of sorts. Finally, after an astonishing 41 days, Didgeroo Ltd now shows up on Apple Maps!! One problem though – it’s in the wrong location!! 🙁

This is really odd and just adds further confusion to the riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma that is the strange beast know as Apple Maps!

You see the address Didgeroo is now showing in Apple Maps is not the address I submitted via Report a Problem, nor is it the address in Yelp, nor is it the address in Tom Tom Places – so where the heck did it come from?!?!

Where is Apple sourcing it’s data and how do we fix it???

Please Apple, I plead to you, give us a Support FAQ for your Maps. If you allow us to understand it I’m sure we will grow to love it.