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Dec 12, 2012
Wayne Freeman


Didgeroo has worked with branding & design studio To The Point, to develop a website designed for training questionnaire submission.


To The Point created the design of the site, and provided the general layout of the website, whilst Didgeroo developed the website using WordPress and the Gravity Forms Plugin.
The main goal of the website was to allow users to register and then to submit answers to a series questionnaires.


A custom WordPress registration page was created.

Upon logon, the user has access to a number of questionnaires created using the Gravity Forms plugin.

Initially, only a single questionnaire is available. The remaining questionnaires are password protected.


The backend interface of Gravity Forms.

  • Gravity Forms is easy to navigate, and offers a lot of utility.
  • Gravity Forms allows the simple integration of multiple questions and question types.
  • Gravity Forms records all submitted data into an internal WordPress database, but in this instance, has been tweaked to email responses to a variety of addresses as-well.
  • An additional modification was made to Gravity Forms to allow users to view their submitted answers, yet not edit them.
  • Gravity Forms was a key tool in constructing Generation Safe, and has allowed Didgeroo to carry out complex tasks easily, whilst personalising the actions taken when forms are submitted.