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Dec 11, 2023
Elio Katalov

For the John Noel Management project, our team embarked on the creation and development of a sophisticated website that serves as a comprehensive showcase for the talent agency. Based in London, John Noel Management specializes in representing a diverse array of individuals, including presenters, comedians, experts, and reality stars, spanning across various media platforms such as television, radio, film, social media, publishing, and voiceovers.

Our collaborative efforts involved not only refining the design aesthetics to align with the agency’s dynamic image but also delving into the intricacies of the development process. As a renowned agency known for nurturing emerging talent while managing iconic household names, John Noel Management had specific requirements that we meticulously addressed and incorporated into the website. This encompassed ensuring seamless navigation, responsive functionality, and an engaging user experience across multiple media formats.

Throughout the project, we maintained a responsive and adaptable approach, integrating client feedback and implementing amendments promptly. The successful culmination of this venture marked not only the completion of the website development but also the establishment of a digital platform that mirrors the agency’s reputation for excellence and innovation in talent representation.

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  • Client:¬†John Noel
  • Services: Consultation, Design, Build, Support
  • Technologies:¬†WordPress, HTML5/CSS3, Javascript, RWD.

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