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Crispy WordPress for McCoys

May 25, 2016
Chris Skitch


Didgeroo and the creative agency To The Point joined forces to redesign McCoy’s website.

McCoy’s is one of the biggest crisp manufacturers in the U.K. They are part of the KP Snacks Group whom we recently built another WordPress site for.

A standout feature of this project has been the integration of WordPress with the Flockler social media aggregation platform. This enables McCoy’s to integrate social content from a variety of sources into a “social wall” for display on their new homepage.

Some other features that we believe make this website so effective on all devices include:

  • A mobile-first design approach, design for 320px viewport then progressively enhancing as the viewport increases.
  • 100% fluid width layouts instead of standard fixed breakpoints. Full-bleed images fill the entire viewport regardless of screen screen size
  • Separate mobile and desktop navigation. Desktop versions use a top header menu where as the mobile version uses a burger menu.
  • Lightweight and very considered CCS3 animation effects.


Project Details
  • Client:  To The Point
  • Services:  Consultation, Build, Hosting & Support
  • Technologies: Wordpress Network , HTML5/CSS3, Javascript, RWD
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