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WordPress made in the EU, for the EU.

Nov 24, 2016
Chris Skitch


Not all our clients are UK based.  For this project, we partnered with Stockholm-based designer Åsa Elmehed, to create a new website for Swedish Corporate Finance advisors – HDR Partners.

Some key features of this build included:

  • Bi-lingual Eglish/Swedish versions using WP Network.
  • The WP Network was also used to create a separate micro-site
  • Background HTML5 video loop
  • A fully responsive website
  • 100% fluid layout with limited use of break points.
  • A single elegant and effective mobile navigation pattern is used regardless of viewport.
  • Lightweight and  considered CCS3 animation effects in order to keep the site lively.


  • Client:  HDR Partners and 2a3e
  • Services: Consultation, Design Build, Support
  • Technologies: Wordpress, HTML5/CSS3, Javascript, RWD, Google Maps API, Multilingual

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